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Analysis of technological development Chinese wire rope industry

Wire rope industry is an important branch of manufacturing industry, reflects a national and regional level of manufacturing industry in a certain extent. Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other countries and regions with a long history of development in the steel wire rope industry, advanced technology level. The overall technical level of domestic gapcompared with the international advanced level, but few domestic enterprises in the technology advantage, their qualityhas been close to the international level. Many factors influencethe quality of the steel wire rope, mainly including the overalllevel of equipment, raw materials, application ability and wire rope manufacturing process quality control factors. The domestic steel wire rope industry and the international advanced level there is a certain gap in the above aspects.

Factors affecting the development of wire rope industry

1 favorable factors, affecting the development of the industry

(1) the incentive effect of the policy environment

In recent years, the state has issued a series of industrial policyand industrial planning, laid a good foundation of the policy for the development of the downstream industry, the steel wire rope. As the national economy "Twelfth Five Year Plan"development plan and the related industry implementation of the "Twelfth Five Year Plan", in the next five years and the medium to long term, the downstream market demand will continue toshow the overall healthy development momentum. As the key parts of the field to provide industry, wire rope industry will usher in new opportunities for development.

(2) the downstream market with long-term development potential

Along with the rapid development of China's economic development and the process of the city, the national economycan be expected in the future will continue to maintain a sustained growth, wire rope as the foundation of the national economy and the development of the consumption of materials,the downstream areas will be accompanied by a sustainedgrowth of the national economy and have a long-termdevelopment potential, is conducive to the sustained development of wire rope industry the. On the one hand, as the basis of frequent replacement of material consumption, the downstream market large application for wire rope to provide a stable market security; on the other hand, China's urbanization,the central and western railroad construction, shanty towns transformation and energy saving and environmental protectionfacilities construction will bring new opportunities for the development of wire rope market. Details are set forth in this section "two, wire rope industry's basic situation" "(three) supply and demand situation of industry and the change reason of wirerope".

(3) to further strengthen the security concept of the downstream industry

Safety production has been the primary purpose of the downstream industry, elevator, engineering machinery, port,coal and many other relates to the beneficial to the people's livelihood. The downstream in the field of well-known manufacturers of safety on the machine and fittings set up strict and comprehensive assessment standards. Strengthening themarket resources to promote high brand reputation, strict quality control of wire rope manufacturers tilt safety consciousness. In addition, in the elevator wire rope of elevator safety field,domestic social consciousness strengthened, so that the elevator operation maintenance field more and more attention,so as to promote the rapid development in the laddermaintenance market.

2, the adverse factors affecting the development of the industry

(1) the structural contradiction of supply and demand

The existence of structural contradiction of supply and demandis prominent wire rope industry, due to the common wire ropefield enters the threshold is relatively low, huge market capacityto attract a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in the competition, resulting in the field ofcompetition is very full. At the same time, the technical threshold is high, strict quality requirements of special steel wire rope inthe field of high-end, high technology content, both the product performance and recognized for high-end customers downstream of domestic enterprises are still in the minority, the existing supply can not meet customer demand, some productsstill need to import.

(2) the overall innovation ability is insufficient

The domestic steel wire rope industry has been on the wholescientific research foundation is weak, inadequate investment in R & D, senior technical personnel, lack of innovation capability is limited etc.. Although in recent years the domestic wire rope industry has made considerable progress in independent research and development innovation, some special wire ropeadvantage of enterprises in the process of quality in cooperation with downstream customers improve their standards, incompetition with foreign enterprises gradually narrowing the gap; however, the overall level of the same industry comparedwith foreign, domestic enterprises on the whole still facing manypending breakthrough technology bottlenecks, investment inindependent research and development of financial and human resources, material resources, there are still large gaps between the.