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The relevant introduction of non rotating wire rope

Why use a multilayered stock of non rotating wire rope to name:

Why use a multilayered stock of non rotating wire rope to name:

We first look at the non rotating wire rope working principle, the inner and the outer layers of opposite direction of twist, when the force by the opposite direction of the outer layer, inner layerand outer layer because of its shares to the opposite strand, the rotating force will limit the outer strands, so will be appropriate to reduce the load bearing object in the sky, the rotation angle, butthe rotation direction of the free end when the wire rope and the outer strands twist to the contrary, the inner layer rope willtighten, it will shorten the inner layer strands, the outer strandsextending, but because the two ends have tied the rope, will force the outer strands bulge, resulting in the inner layer and the outer layer strand separation, if the separation seriously will destroy the structure of wire rope, which makes the loadconcentrated in the inner layer rope, the rope safety factor is reduced, the service life will be greatly reduced.

In order to prevent the separation phenomenon of internal and external femoral layer, design and production should be considered when the torsion torque equal reasons of inner and outer layer strands,

1: the inner and outer layer twist to be different,

2: the structure of each layer rope diameter can be the same ordifferent, but the same layer should be the same rope

3: if the wire of different diameter and manufacture of non rotating wire rope, with larger diameter shall be used as the outer strands, in order to increase the outer strands of wear resistance and rigidity

4; according to the equilibrium condition of inner and outerstrands sum calculated twisting parameters, but in order toprevent the delamination, may be appropriate to reduce the inner layer rope lay pitch, about 15%-20%, in order to increasethe inner layer rope torque.

5: Circular reform profiled shares, increase the support area of the wire rope and drum and sheave.

Non rotating rope: the main structure is 35W*7, 18*7,18*19S,24W*7.

China began trial production of 18*7 multi-layer strands wire rope in the mid 60's, 70's production officially began, the root of China's first non rotating wire rope 18*7 by Nantong electric power line equipment factory (now Nantong Mingyuan steel ropeCo., Ltd) the construction of production and is successfully applied in Gezhouba Dam.

Non rotating rope: 35W*7 non rotating wire rope, 18*7 rope does not rotate, 19*7 non rotating wire rope, 18*19S rope does not rotate, 24W*7 non rotating wire rope. Non rotating rope, also called multi-layer strands wire rope, technology is one of the earliest of the same diameter of wire diameter do 34*7,35*7,36*7, 3 molding synthetic rope, and the 35W*7 is the two molding, and small unit is line contact wire contact state, not the same as the thickness, density increases, the breaking forceincreases, not rotating weight ratio compared with the samediameter 6*19,6*37 higher than 30%, and the broken end force directly increase 30%, and non rotating rope surface is uniform and smooth, wear resistance than the average of 6 strands of higher than 30%, so the non rotating rope life than 6 strands is much higher. 35W*7 is a more reasonable structure. Non rotating rope is mainly used for tower crane tower crane tower crane {,}12mm, 13mm, 14mm, auto crane, 12mm-22mm. Gantry crane with electric hoist crane machine 12mm-28mm, 12mm-28mm, some are also used for ropeway, a large part of it is used in port, such as Shanghai port, Rizhao Port, Ningbo port, Dalian Port port and Tianjin, large and small crane level wharf, basically to non rotating rope primarily. 18*7 and 35W*7 each half, but later certainly dominated by 35W*7, after all, the price much higher than 18*7, although the price a little high. There are many users said non rotating rope for winding wire rope, nottwisted steel wire. Mainly due to the production process of non rotating rope, (details please refer to the production process ofwire rope query non rotating wire distribution method, twisting process) inside and outside layer of small stocks in the opposite direction of twisting, turning force against racemization.18*7,19*7 also known as micro rotation, semi rotary, 35W*7 really is the non rotating rope, its density to be higher than 18*7,19*7. But because the process of twisted strands have very high request. Lisen in manufacturing 35W*7 rope basic use 72A, 82B, T9 material to production, the majority of 82B, and the strength in 1870N/mm21960N/mm2. Non rotating rope is mainly used for the wharf crane, tower crane tower crane, crawler crane, truck crane, winch, crane electric hoist and so on specialimportant use. An important feature of non rotating wire rope isthe wire rope can Rao has been improved, become soft;backwash force is very small, not forming rolling knot; no rotation improved performance. Therefore, non rotating wirerope installation is convenient, the use of safe, reliable, uniform stress, stable operation with no broken wire. Even if the broken wire, do not tilt, still in the original position V, not to scratch thesheave or drum, does not affect the normal work of the otherwire.