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Introduced the relevant aviation steel wire rope

Specifically for the airliner and transport of manipulation andcontrol system of wire rope. Mainly used to control the aircraftrudder, aileron, engines, landing gear, the needle of a compasscorrector etc.. Aviation steel wire rope due to the use of safe and reliable for the special environment, and can be used for a long time, there is a demand higher performance than ordinarysteel wire rope. For example, the tensile strength above 1865MPa are required; the requirements according to thestructure and specifications, fatigue tests are carried out under different tension. After fatigue test the wear parts should have sufficient strength, namely the breaking force (see the inspection of steel wire rope) not less than the specifiedbreaking force of steel wire rope 50%. Aviation steel wire rope isrequired to have high corrosion resistance. Jet aircraft such as the 10000 meters altitude flight, the 90% flight time at minus 50 degrees. When landing on the atmospheric conditions,temperature changes fast, in the use of wire rope surface oftendew knot; another landing when braking, engine pour spout gas flows through the ailerons, wing and vertical rudder, and the wire rope has strong corrosion and pollution. Aviation steel wire ropeof the varieties are single strand of wire rope, organic mattercore wire rope and the metal core wire rope. The typicalstructure of 1 x 7, 1 x 19, 6 x 7+IWS, 6 x 19+IWS, 6 x 7+NF, 6 x19+NF. Aviation steel wire rope used raw material is carbon steel galvanized steel wire and stainless steel wire. Galvanized steel wire coating should be uniform and continuous, no cracks and spalling phenomena. The raw material after passing through the test, according to the process requirements closelyand neatly wrapped in accordance with the provisions of thespool, into the stranding machine twist shares, and then in therope rope machine. Twist (see wire rope twisting method) in addition to single strand is left twist, twist was right interaction.Rope core general use cotton or linen is made, and soaked in aneutral oil, or with metal core. Wire rope twisting distance should be 6 to 8 times the diameter of the rope, the distance should not exceed 12 times of strand diameter rope strands and single strand of wire rope. The strands twist pitch and wire twist pitchover its length should be uniform. The center wire diameterstrands should be bold. Twisted into rope to oil temperedmedium low temperature tempering, to remove the wire ropetwisting stress and further eliminate electro galvanized steel wirein hydrogen, improve aviation steel wire rope fatigue performance and the breaking force.