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With the relevant introduction of wire rope of elevator

Basic introduction to edit the elevator wire rope as the name suggests, is the steel wire rope on the elevator, small manned elevator widely used, in the commodity residential district,elevator wire rope specifications with the general 8*19S+FC-8mm, 8*19S+FC-10mm. The main use of 10mm, 8mm is the main auxiliary rope. While shopping with elevator wire ropespecifications slightly bigger 12mm, 13mm, shopping mallsloading specifications of elevator wire rope is 12mm, 13mm,16mm in diameter.

2 Industry Standard Editor: double steel double strength, 45 steel, 65 steel, 1370N/mm21770Mpa,

Two: single steel, single strength, 65 steel, 1770N/mm2.Elevator wire rope core according to the national standard aresisal and PPC synthetic fiber, high speed wire rope for elevatorspecifications for the 8*19S+8*7+pp, 8*19S+8*7+1*19

Under normal circumstances, the new factory in the productionof steel wire rope and most have been conducted lubricating treatment, but in the use process, grease loss will be reduced. In view of the wire rope lubrication can not only play a role incorrosion protection during transportation and storage, but also can wear between, the steel wire rope to reduce the use of the process of strand and rope and the traction wheel groove, andprolong the service life of the wire rope is also very useful.Therefore, to corrosion, damage to the wire rope to a minimum,it is necessary to perform inspection of lubrication. First of all we must choose suitable for wire rope grease, elevator wire ropegrease should adopt special friction oil friction coefficient, wire rope grease with high performance is the fundamental guarantee for the maintenance of wire rope to extend the service life of the rope. Wire rope at work, fretting friction andinternal rendering three-dimensional direction, which requires the lubricating grease for wire rope must have strongpermeability that let the lubricating oil anti-wear agent inmolecular lubricating grease composition can penetrate intoeach wire above. In addition, the wire rope grease must also has strong adhesion performance. In order to ensure its uniformadherence to each wire. Usually on the wire rope lubrication and maintenance of several methods is a wire rope removed, put in the temperature 80 ~ 100 degrees in the lubricating oil soak for about 2 to 4 hours, the other is a lubricant directly brush with the brush on the steel wire rope, the key is the method and theinterval coating must grasp, generally about 12mm in diameterof wire rope, each forty meters about brushing grease 1 kilograms, brushing at intervals of two weeks; a steel wire rope lubrication equipment using dedicated for the lubrication of thesteel wire rope, this method is the most convenient, but the highcost of equipment. Specific use what kind of lubricant and lubrication method should provide manufacturing plant according to the requirements of wire rope. At present, the elevator maintenance unit really attaches great importance to the protection of wire rope lubrication is not many, many unitshave been used to replace the new rope, but do not pay attention to lubrication management. This is only one aspect ofthe safety rope to ensure the requirements of the use of. In addition, we must also to the use of rope peripheral conditions such as: traction sheave groove surface wear, wheel groovegeometry size for inspection, to ensure that the wire rope during operation make it always in good contact state to reduce thefriction force to ensure the safe operation of elevator.