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The development trend of the steel wire rope

The wire rope is a or a plurality of strands of thin steel wiretwisted into a flexible rope, composed of multilayer wire twisted into stocks, again with the rope core as the center, a certain number of strand wound into a spiral rope. In material handlingmachinery, used for lifting, traction, pulling and carrying with.Combined with a variety of changes in recent years, the development trend of wire rope in the future:

1, multi operation cross stranding wire rope to be eliminated

Multi step cross stranding wire rope appears to be simple, but because the group wire layers, when the number of adjacentlayers of steel wire is 6 root, process design and the use of the center wire outside the rest of the other wire diameter equallayer, wire skipping phenomenon appeared frequently in the production and use, it has become one of the key problemsaffecting the structure of steel wire rope quality.

Especially the 4 layers of steel wire group shares jump wire, is difficult to solve the problem. Multi step cross stranding wire rope the biggest drawback is the wire layer of point contact between a very prone to hard to find early fatigue broken wire,and its structural characteristics also determine the metal fill factor is not high, directly affect the broken broken pulling forceof steel wire rope, multi operation cross stranding wire rope to be eliminated is inevitable trend.

2, parallel lay rope get development

There is a parallel strand wire rope is of great significance in the history of the technical progress of steel wire rope, the fundamental reason is that it improves the contact form groupwire layer and between layers, thereby prolonging the service life of wire rope, broken wire rope breaking force increases.Parallel lay rope are commonly used in foreign countries wire rope power.

Domestic enterprises should not only accelerate the elimination of multiple operation cross stranding wire rope, but also have abreakthrough in thinking on the rope structure, solve theproblem of parallel strands wire rope flexible differential twist,make the production difficulty is reduced, through a multi line frame stranding machine can realize.

3, compacted wire rope get development

The emergence of compacted wire rope is based on the parallel laid wire rope on. Real stock structure can further improve thebroken broken pulling force of steel wire rope. Compacted wirerope is the German Deepa, BRIDON, South Korea, Italy and other world elephant effective resistance wire rope strongenterprises focus on the development of products.

Domestic enterprises: one is the study on the compaction stock non anti rotation ropes, ropes standard covers to compacted strand structure as soon as possible, to develop non rotation resistant rope products. The two is the study of compacted strand multilayer strand rope, the rope standards as soon as possible covered multilayered stock structure, the formation ofspecialized multilayer strand rope industry chain.