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Elevator rope Market Prospects

Since the reform and opening up, especially in recent 10 years,with China's sustained and rapid economic development, a large number of high-rise residential buildings around and going up,the elevator demand is increasing, into a powerful driving force for the elevator manufacturing industry development, so farChina has become the world's largest elevator manufacturingcountry and the world's largest elevator market, thereby pulling the wire elevator rope demand, industry insiders predict future domestic elevator wire rope for the broad market prospects, is a flash point in the market of metal wire products.

According to the display China Elevator Association statistics,the number of China's elevator reached 2000000 units, with an annual growth rate of 20%. Over the past ten years, the benefit of urbanization and real estate prosperity, the domestic elevatorsales began to enter the explosive growth stage from 37500 units in 2000 from 2001, the rapid growth to 530000 units in 2012, an average annual increase of up to 24.7%, 2012 by theregulation in the real estate situation, the elevator industrygrowth rate is still as high as 18%, the future of the wholeindustry boom degrees is expected to continue to improve.2007-2012 China Elevator sales were 216000 units and 530000 units. Presumably, over the same period the global elevatorsales were 453000 units and 850000 units, the domestic elevator sales accounted for the global proportion has risenfrom 48% in 2007 to 62% in 2012; five years, the domesticelevator ownership share rose from 10% to more than 23%, our country has become a be worthy of the name of the global sales of the first country elevator and elevator the first country to retain the quantity.

The rapid development of China's elevator industry, elevator market increasingly expansion, pull the rope needs elevator.Industry insiders, the elevator wire rope is a single strand of rope core spirally twisted around the system, often using 50-65carbon steel or 60Si2Mn steel. Elevator wire rope for elevator traction wire rope main references, hydraulic elevator wire rope for elevator balance (compensation), wire rope, wire rope forelevator speed limiter; elevator wire rope hoist with the models have 8 x S, 8 x (19) W (19), Fi (8 * 25) the number, type used for regulating the speed of 6 * 24,6 * S * Fi (19), 6 (25), balancehas 6 * 37, 8 * Fi (25) etc.. In addition to the conventional model,also developed for ultrahigh speed and large capacity of elevator with large diameter steel wire ropes and suitable for elevator system miniaturization of small diameter wire rope series.

These years, our country's elevator wire rope manufacturing industry with the development of manufacturing industry and the development of elevator, as early as in 2003, China's elevator wire rope yield more than 1 tons, mainly rely on imports. In recent years, China's elevator wire rope production of about 23000 tons, the annual import volume of about 800 tons. A high speed, super high speed elevator wire rope for import quantity decreased gradually, that the domestic elevator wire rope has made considerable progress in yield and quality, especially the high speed, development of wire rope for super high speed elevator, make the domestic elevator wire rope competitive high-quality market make certain development space.

At present, the domestic manufacturing level elevator wire ropehas been a great development, the annual output is estimatedto break through 20000 tons. The main production of steel wire rope enterprises in addition to the national standard production,generally adopts the international advanced enterprise and international standards organization of production. Some manufacturers to export, but also for the OTIS machine matching, have been exported to South Korea, Southeast Asia,the Middle East, Europe, Oceania, South America and other places, indicating that China's level of elevator wire ropeproduction has been close to the world advanced level.

Development of steel wire rope manufacturing raw materials forsteel wire rope, steel wire rope is put forward higher requirements. Elevator wire rope is one of the most important components of the elevator, very strict requirements on the quality of. The formation of elevator traction force, mainly by thefriction generated between the elevator rope and the traction wheel, therefore between the wire rope and the traction wheelmust be adapted to each other. In order to obtain reliable andsufficient and necessary gravity drag, except in the traction wheel configuration, the root number, rope rope groove shape etc. make a different design, structure and hardness of the steel wire of the steel wire rope has strict requirement for the corresponding. Therefore, the elevator wire rope according to the different requirements of the conditions of use and operation of the elevator, designed different structure and strength configuration.

Elevator wire rope used raw materials are high quality carbon structural steel, ordinary strength level commonly used steel grade as 42A, 47A, 62A, 67A, 40#, 45#, 55#, 60# and 65; grade 1960MPa you need to use 72A or 77A to production. Executionstandard according to the provisions of the elevator rope standard GB699 "quality carbon structural steel" and implementing its requirements of lead quenching exergy steel,Mn content is O.3-0.6%, Cr is more than 0.10, Ni more than 0.10, more than 0.20 of the specified Cu.

The personage inside course of study points out, at present the demand of domestic elevator wire rope for high-end steel products in the quantity and quality can not meet the elevator manufacturing industry, led to a high speed, super high speed elevator wire rope still need to import. According to the currently used in China each year the number of the number of elevatorsand elevator calculated annually for the repair, replacement andnew products with the elevator wire rope total demand of 25000tons to 27000 tons of elevator rope. The general level oftechnology content in the elevator wire rope wire rope products system ranks slightly side, the general level of elevator wire ropemarket oversupply, but a high speed, super high speed elevatorwire rope production capacity is insufficient, the actual output is only 1000-1500 tons, still need to be imported from abroad.

The future, the elevator manufacturing industry in China will be sustained development, elevator market is huge, if do not consider affordable housing demand for elevator, so ordinary residential straight ladder in the downstream demandaccounting for about 62% or so, other offices, airports, rail transportation, hotels, shopping malls and other public buildings,and combining the current straight staircase and escalatorabout the structure of 9:1 ratio, so the commercial residentialmarket potential is very large for the elevator, elevator total demand